Saturday, November 03, 2001

well... i was going to post a convo. but i lost the fucker. ... damn it. anywho...
james said he loves me. so that's good. i dunno... bah!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2001

i believe james is fucking with my head...
just as i am fucking with everyone else's.....

yes.. love is such a fucking game. i can't stand this shit sometimes...

anger is a quick fashion.
you aren't going to believe it, because even i am having trouble believing what just happened all of about 15 mins ago. My dog , attacked me. yes. Not on purpose. my doggie has a mental problem.. not just a bad temper, and my dad just really pissed him off and he was going to go after my dad... so i grabbed him, but i some how didn't get a good enough grip and landed on the floor.. so he went after me to let go of him so he could get my dad. *cries...* I wouldn't have cared if he got my dad, but i knew that if he did, Morpheus would be shot.. or beat horribly until he died.. and i couldn't let that happen. i had to stop him. so now... i am sitting here.. with a long welt on my left side.. and it hurts pretty bad, some of it is bleeding and then on the right side there is a smaller one.. but it's still there and it hurts.. he got my face... on the left and the top... it hurts a lil.. more than anything .. what bothers me is that you can see bumps and then welts.. it is kind of bad! considering that i have work tomorrow.. and that's just not good, alright? no... not when i have to deal with costomers. i dunno what to do... and damn.....
I like Erik a lot. He's so sweet... and he's a cutie, I don't care what Heidi says! I'm talking to him right now and everytime he says something i get a huge smile on my face. I dunno. maybe i'm just a freak but i think that it's all good.
POST on my OD
current listen 11/2/2001
Everclear - Normal Like You
Cake - Going the Distance
Dixie Chicks - Earl Must Die
Stroke Nine - Little Black Back Pack
Green Day - Minority
Cranberries - Zombie
BloodHoundGang - Tha Roof
G. Love and Special Sauce - Rodeo Clowns
Greenday - Warning
Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
BloodHoundGang - Bad Touch (Discovery Channel)
Lemon Heads - Mrs. Robinson
Cranberries - When Your Gone
Incubus - Whatever Tomorrow Brings
Semisonic - Closing Time
Fuel - Hemorhage
SilverChair - Stoned
G.Love and Special Sauce - Baby's Got Sauce
Incubus - Stellar
Moby ft. Gwen Stefani - Southside
Beavis & Butthead - Spanish

there's a chick on a skateboard, on a t-shirt on this girl, on the t-shirt that's on me. yup. literly. yup. wow. i just had some mocha coffee whatever. and it's really yummy, but NOT REALLY. my mom bought me some pumpkin peeps! yum! for real this time. my tummy hurts. damn. i'm a fatty now. *sniffles* 125lbs, and 5'4".. is that ok? or what..... hrmm. I dunno. i like this template, but i want to make it my own... i'm not sure yet, how to do that. i'm just being weird i suppose. i'm soo sleepy. not really. i wonder... i think that i am going to go toOpen Diary and write in my own diary OMG i have to piss. wait for me, ok? i'll be out asap! ok, i'm back! i'm going to go and run and get a pepsi one... then write in my open thang. so i'll be back.... OH YEAH.. and erik and i are working things out. I HOPE.
ok, never mind. that was easy to fix!
well... WHOPPERS are yummy. I'm soo full. I think that i eat way too much. i'm not fat, but i'm gaining wait. that's no good. but halloween is so great. you get free candy. my friend paul and i went trick or treating and it was great. only one person said "aren't you a lil old to be trick or treating?" we said " NOPE! " We are both 17. any way i believe no one is too old to go trick or treating! I'm watching everybody loves raymond. it is pretty funny. Oh! and i saw an old episode of snl. it was hillarious! ok. this is gross, but oh well. let me tell you. i sneezed this morning and something gross happened. this stuff came out in lil balls and it smelled really bad. yeah. that's gross. but that's life. wow. i just thought i saw an egg with the coca-cola brand thang on it. weird. anywho.. so i haven't figured out how to put a web link on here yet. smatty
ok! well.. i just came back from driving with my dad. we were out for an hour and a half. it was really cool actually. we went to places we'd never been. we went to some park too. it was cool. except that the speed limit was like 15.. but i was going like 25-30.
ok. i am beyond confused. erik is mad at me. i can't help the fact that i liked louie. erik lives in reno.. that's like... 2 hrs away from here. argh. i really like erik! i dunno. i have to go driving with my dad. which is cool. i think. i like it. i decided that i'd start this, because, i love my diary, but i'm mad at it. i can't just blab like this. people are rudeHERE and it's full of young lil girls and that gets on my nerves. Alrighty then, i am bout to bounce. I'm sick of this... i dunno. I ate half the sandwich it was really good. i love them. there is a place called FAT SANDWICH. it's pretty tight ass. anywho.. i just saw a really hot guy on tv. that was cool. alrighty. later dayz.
wow.. all these numbers in my mind.. falling... i'm so full. but i want to eat some sandwich with my mom! not that i want to eat with her, but i'd like to go eat a sandwich. i like sandwiches. turkey. shooters... i gots ta go. EW... later.
ok, i'm getting the hang of this i think, i'm not sure. there is a difference between all of this, i'm sure. i am in my 6th period class at the moment. not bad i say. eh. yeah. heidi like... grabed the front of my shirt and pulled it. i got scared. i thought she was looking down my shirt. that was just weird, i didn't understand. then she told me she was just trying to see if it would rip. that was odd. oh well. i love heidi. she's cool. though she just got in a fight with her friend lisa. it's all good. i'm sure that she will get over it. eh. yeah. i am so ... friken gone. oh yeah. swear. poop. all random.. eh... no.. maybe i dunno. i like this. i feel alive !!! like i can move!! yeah yeah! tell me baby. er. no. stop. don't move. don't touch. blah. i can't help but wonder if anyone is going to become a part of this.. or if this is just going to be my own thang. i kinda hope some one else will do this.. cuz.. i need some interaction! you know? i'm sure you do.
what is this? make it work damnit!